Awarding Compensation & Protecting Investors Worldwide

Awarding Compensation & Protecting Investors Worldwide

Perform due diligence prior to undertaking
an international transaction
Perform due diligence
prior to undertaking
an international transaction

Our Role

The main purpose of the USIEC is to ensure that individuals receive compensation fairly, honestly and in a timely manner.
To ensure this, we utilize AAA escrow companies globally that have been personally vetted by our relevant departments as well as working in conjunction with the several hundred other regulatory and government departments here in the United States.
Companies offering securities for sale must tell the truth about their business, what they are selling and the risks involved in investing in them.

Inform & Protect

We provide unbiased information relating to cross border financial transactions.

Cross Border Networks

We work with government affiliated agencies to complete accurate due diligence.

Fraud Prevention

Our extensive network ensures any financial violations are quickly identified, halted and reported.

What is Escrow?

Escrow is a legal concept describing a financial instrument whereby an asset or escrow money is held by a third party on behalf of two other parties that are in the process of completing a transaction.
Escrow accounts might include escrow fees managed by agents who hold the funds or assets until receiving appropriate instructions or until the fulfilment of predetermined contractual obligations. Money, securities, funds, and other assets can all be held in escrow.
Money, securities, funds, and other assets can all be held in escrow.

Escrow is the use of a third party, which holds an asset or funds before they are transferred from one party to another.

The third-party holds the funds until both parties have fulfilled their contractual requirements.

Escrow is associated with transactions, but applies to any situation where funds will pass from one party to another.

At a time of increased threat, members of the public, businesses and organizations are reminded to protect themselves from online scams by following the advice provided by the USIEC.

Escrow Fees

Compensation fees are set by law. This means you are required to pay processing fees regardless of whom and where you are. In many cases, there will be be a range of minimum balances, account fees and contract fees. This is to reflect the fact that most firms offer multiple accounts with different levels of services such as financial advice, legal advice and compensation, each of which comes with additional fees.
For most individuals, the simplest account type will be sufficient to put together their legal documentation. Only a relatively small percentage of individuals will require more complicated accounts. Therefore, when comparing company fees, compare the basic accounts as that is what is mostly sufficient for most individuals using escrow.

Advanced Fee Fraud

Every year, the USIEC receives thousands of complaints relating to Advanced Fee Fraud. It gets its name from the fact that an investor is asked to pay a fee up front, in advance of receiving any proceeds or stock, in order for the deal to go through.
The bogus fee may be described as a deposit, underwriting fee, processing fee, administrative fee or commission. The variety of advance fee fraud schemes is limited only by the imagination of the fraudsters who offer them.
They may involve the sale of products or services, the offering of investments, lottery winnings, found money, or many other opportunities. Frequently, fraudsters will offer common financial instruments such as bank guarantees, old government or corporate bonds, medium or long term notes, or stand-by letters of credit.
Always check with your allocated agent before making any advanced payments

Understanding Fees

We pay fees for every product or service in our lives, and financial transactions are no different.

Holder Fees

Account Fees

Escrow Fees

We have compiled information on what to expect and more importantly what should raise red flags when dealing with an unknown company.
If you have been requested to pay any fees that you are not sure of then contact us via the form below.

Global Partnerships

Company Check

Prior to undertaking any financial transactions with an overseas party contact us directly in order to insure you are safe.
If you have been requested to pay any fees that you are not sure of, then contact before conducting any transaction.
In the majority of cases, we are able to provide you with the information you require within 72 hours.
Complete the form with any and all relevant information.
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